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An ongoing series of informational entries

We're getting close to Christmas!


Though it may seem like a little ways away at the moment, it takes time to make musical arrangements at the skill level of close to 30 students. And most students seem to want to begin playing Christmas music no later than mid November. I might be a little behind on that already : ) ... A little help from a great book of classics goes a long way though! Here's to the beginning of the weird schedule season for music teachers everywhere, and lots of student progression as the summer activities come to a close : )

Keep in touch!


Hey all! I'm just getting started with this, so there won't be a whole lot to look at for a while. But what I'm thinking about at the moment is that this page will get updated every Monday sometime around 12. There will probably be small updates for all of my students and just a little information about what is coming through the pipeline in the future. Check back in on Mondays to see what's new!

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