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Instrument Maintenance Services 

Sometimes things happen along your musical journey, and your instrument needs a little bit of love. Whether that be a string or head replacement depending on the instrument you play, we can take care of it and get your instrument back to you within 24 hours of drop off. Or pay the expedited price and get your instrument maintained and returned within the hour of drop off. Please be aware that we do not provide replacement strings or heads with the cost of service. However, you may purchase replacement parts from us and have them installed on your instrument. 

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

String Replacement and Tuning


Per Instrument

$25 for instant no wait string replacement

( string "break-in" for the duration of a week can be added for an additional $10 )

Drumhead Replacement and Tuning


Per drum (better rate for whole drum set)

$25 for expedited replacement and tuning

1 Month of Maintenace Tuning


Per Instrument

receive weekly tuning 

Any instrument

String and Head replacement service included

Bring your own head or string

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