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Holtkamp Music

Instrumental Lessons

Starting Out

People come from different situations. No two people learn the same way, and no two people can be taught the same way. Excellence through dynamic instruction is not a catch phrase, it's my method. My mission is to aid you in success, regardless of the your situation and regardless of how you learn. 

End Goals
I don't want to teach you to play a song on your instrument, I want to teach you to play music with your instrument. I want to give you a foundation to stand on. One that your mountain of music will stand upon for your entire life. If I don't eventually put myself out of a job through turning you into an independently functional musician, then I haven't done my job. 

playing marimba with 4 mallets

Learning Outcomes

Assuming that a student has continued to work with me for an acceptable amount of time; all students should be able too:

  • Play with good tone (regardless of instrument type).
  • Play with correct rhythm.
  • And above all else, read and produce pitch accurately.

All students of mine learn to read music. The ability to read music is the most fundamental aspect of what I teach. 

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